Cafayate | Salta

This interactive museum, requested by the Government of the Province of Salta is set in two buildings (2,000 square meters) of exhibits and audiovisual experiences.

Building 1: " Memory of the Vine "describes in a poetic narrative, emotionally and visually compelling: earth, water, and air. Cafayate’s climate and its influence on the fruit, the result of exceptional conditions offered region.

Building 2: " Wine’s Memory" tells the story of the men that work the vines and produce wine over time, the history of wine in the Calchaquies Valleys and today’s modern manufacturing processes.

The Museum was fully thought, designed, developed and conducted by BERRA DESARROLLOS CREATIVOS. We were also responsible for the architectural project. We restored the buildings belonging to the historical heritage of Cafayate and the construction of a new building, bringing both modern and historical together.