Historical Museum of San Luis

San Luis | Argentina

The museum opened September 24, 2013, with unusual popular impact.

The Historical Museum of the Province of San Luis is full of expressive resources, visual and poetic images that encompass the visitor.

This is new kind of history museum for our country. A progressive cultural space set in the heart of the capital of San Luis.

We used a restored traditional building on the outside and remodeled with an innovative design inside..

Ten rooms make up this space where the history has its own life.

These are: " The shelf of memory" " Unnamed America" "Conquest and Colonization " " The call of freedom" " Blue poncho, scarlet headband " " By the way of the Constitution" " To all people of the world" " Argentina: Lights and Shadows " " Highway to the future " " Unforgettable Puntanos (People borne in the province of San Luís) "