Club Lisboa e Benfica | Lisboa - Portugal

BERRA DESARROLLOS CREATIVOS created, designed and directed art, creativity and content production and staging of this formidable museum and its many thematic areas, exhibitions, installation and interactive presentations.

We developed and built it on an area 4,400 square feet. It took for 18 months build and set up. The museum is dedicated to a sport institution. The largest and best equipped in the world technologically speaking.

At MUSEU Benfica we integrated surprising spatial design with enveloping filmic story telling. The visual effects and the scenery are both emotive and shocking.

Among the many attractions that amaze viewers are: - " Bem- vindo ao Benfica Universe ", a ten-meter high cone light installation were led images are projected welcomes visitors. - " A Black Panther " lifelike hologram, Eusebio, tells his and the clubs history. - " Viagem ao benfiquista coração " simulator that takes viewers into the territory of football passion. - " Caminho do tempo ", a journey through more than a hundred stages and audiovisual installations that evoke unforgettable episodes in the history of Lisbon Portugal and the World.

- "O vôo da águia " (flight of the eagle) an audiovisual 3D mapping evokes and rebuilds the most iconic scenes from the history of the Club.