celebrations of
Argentine Football Clubs

BERRA DESARROLLOS CREATIVOS has created and staged numerous large-scale shows. These include the celebrations of a few Argentine Football Clubs’ hundred year’s anniversaries.

Estadio Alberto J. Armando Buenos Aires - Argentina 2005

With a succession of events created by BERRA DESARROLLOS CREATIVOS, Boca Juniors celebrated its first century of existence. These culminated in a mega show that narrated the centenary of the institution in the context of Argentina’s and the world’s historical development. The show structured his story on the basis of a film projected on a giant screen 110 meters long. These images interacted with live artists, solo singers, a choir and symphony orchestra.

Stadium April 15th 2007
Santa Fe - Argentina
The show celebrated the centenary of the Institution. The media characterized it as unique. For the first time the field served as a projection screen for artists and protagonists of the history of Union de Santa Fe, superimposed with images illustrating that history.

CENTENNIAL CLUB SAN LORENZO DE ALMAGRO Pedro Bidegain´s Stadium Buenos Aires - Argentina 2008

BDC designed, produce and directed a show based on the centenary of the institution in the context of the world’s and argentine history. The show structured its story through choreographies and projections and sequences of live artists.